Before you spend your hard-earned money on a new property, you should take some time out of your schedule to investigate about the property. Make sure that you consider the following points:

1. CHECK THE NEIGHBORHOOD INFORMATION ONLINE: If you are already familiar with that region, then you can easily skip this step. But if you don’t have much information about your new neighborhood, then you should go through the websites of the local papers, read the community sites to find out all the recent activities and the upcoming developments in that area.

2. CHECK THE CRIME RATE OF THAT AREA: This a very important step. No one wants to move to a dangerous area. You can easily find the crime rate of anY area by visiting the local police station, there are also many websites which can help you in this regard.

3. VISIT THE PROPERTY AT DIFFERENT TIMES: If you really want to have a proper idea about any place, then you should visit the area at different times of the day. There are many places which are quiet in the morning but gets crowded at night; the opposite can also happen.

4. HOME INSPECTION: You should get a home inspection done to check whether all the electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems are working properly or not. You are spending lots of money on the property, hence you should be aware about the existing situation of the heating plumbing system. Furnace prices are very high currently, hence make sure the furnace of the house is in good condition.

5. TEST YOUR COMMUTE: Similarly, in order to check out the traffic situation of any place, you should visit it on all the days. If you visit your property only during weekends, you will be completely unaware of the traffic situation during rush hour, which can eventually have a great impact on your decision to buy the property.

6. LOOK OUT FOR LOCAL AMENITIES: You can use Google Maps or you can talk with the local people to find out all the recreational activities within that area. If you are fond of any specific activity like tennis or swimming, then check how far you need to go for such facility.

7. CHECK WHETHER THERE IS ANY SCHOOL NEARBY: Even if you don’t need a school near your home, you should always buy a property which has a school near it. .It increases the value of your property, so that you can sell it off at a good price in the future. Also, school areas are usually safe.

8. CHECK FOR NEIGHBORHOOD AMENITIES: If you are buying a property within a homeowners association, then you can find out all the cultural and the recreational activities that take place within the community. Even if you are buying a property in any area without an association, there are usually many activities in each neighborhood like gatherings or sports leagues.

9. TALK TO THE SELLERS: If you want any information about your property, then obviously your sellers will be the best option. You can ask them about the renovations they did and also tell them about your plans to renovate further.

Your real estate listing has to stand out from the crowd if you want to sell it fast. One of the best tips to attract potential buyers is to have professional photos. This means you have to hire a good real estate photographer to help you emphasize the beauty and the assets of your property so that people notice it over all others on the same page.

However, no matter how good a photographer may be, he can’t turn dirt into gold. You have to do what it takes to make your house look appealing. If you do this, you have more chances to list your home for a higher price and sell it faster. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on renovations. They are always welcome, but if you can’t make them, it’s all good. Just make sure everything is spotlessly clean. Polish your floors and the wood furniture, so that they don’t have stains or fingerprints that may ruin your photos. Check all areas that are more prone to collecting dirt and grime and make sure they are perfect. Hard water stains have to go, as well, even though you may not notice them easily. They always show up in photos, so they should be removed. In addition, make sure your windows are sparkling clean, with no greasy stains, fingerprints and paw prints. If you have pets, move them out of the room, as they shouldn’t belong in your photos.

Consider that the photographer has to stand in the doorway when taking photos of a room. Place your carpets and furniture items in such a way that they look good when observed from the doorway. Clean your windows and ask the photographer to capture them in the photos. Natural light coming into a room is always an element that attracts people. Most of us want to live in a bright house, full of natural light, as this has a direct influence on our mood and on our monthly energy bills.

Remove all clutter and personal items, as they never look good in photos. You have to get rid of all these distractions in order to enable potential buyers to imagine their own stuff in the room. This kind of imagery does wonders, because most humans are visual and they like to depict themselves and their personal belongings in a house they might want to purchase.

Small elements of decor can make a big difference. Try to create a cozy, friendly and comfortable space, so that the viewers notice the warmth of this living space. Red candles, flowers and gems can transform a room and give it a special charm and an attractiveness above average.

A good real estate listing should have photos from both the interior and the exterior, so make sure your garden is beautiful and your lawn freshly mowed. Get rid of all clutter on your porch and remove all debris from the backyard. Everything has to look ready to welcome the new owner, so don’t leave any personal belongings in sight.

The online search engine is important part of the realty market today, and any RE representative who is failing to keep up with innovation will rapidly fall behind. Realty virtual tours are an excellent method to take advantage of the power of the web, and with the ideal marketing strategy they can assist with the search engine optimization of your property listing.


Over 1 billion users go to YouTube each month, and 4 billion hours are invested viewing videos on YouTube within a month. Individuals invest a great deal of time looking for videos, and those virtual tours rank well in internet search engine such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. Naturally, some individuals are on YouTube paying attention to music or trying to find amusing videos, however there are lots of other individuals who count on the video online search engine in order to discover info that they are searching for.

Prospective house purchasers enjoy using YouTube, since it enables them to discover houses in their location. In addition, the property videos provide them the chance to see the house and take a property virtual trip. This trip will assist them to see how your house is set out, and they can see a number of the functions prior to they go to personally.


Don’t try to develop a property video walkthrough by yourself, unless you are an expert videographer. A lot of homeowners wish to save on cash, so they aim to utilize the integrated camera on their phone in order to take a bit of video around the building. The issue with this diy choice is that the videos are extremely poor quality, and they may in fact cast the home in a damaging light.

It is far better to deal with a videographer who focuses on realty video trips, due to the fact that they will have the experience and knowledge to produce a high-quality virtual tour that will attract the interest of prospective purchasers. Yes, it will cost a little bit more cash, however it is most likely that your house will find a buyer quicker, due to the fact that the virtual tours assisted you to get in touch with the purchasers who are really thinking about the home.


Make sure to utilize certain keywords in the video title and description which will draw in possible purchasers when you submit the property virtual tour. It is an error to use a basic title such as “House Virtual Tour” since the title does not define the area of the house. Rather, title the video “House for Sale in (City,State)– Virtual House Tour,” or something in this nature.

It is likewise a smart idea to include tags with your location-specific keywords, as well as consist of those keywords in the description of the video. Putting the keywords of the city name into the tags and title of the video will assist to enhance the opportunities that your video will appear in the internet search engine when a prospective purchaser look for a comparable keyword.

Some professional videographers may offer the uploading procedure for you, however even if they are managing the upload it is still important that is done properly. Do not panic  if there is a typo or error in the video information, due to the fact that you can constantly make modifications and edits later as they are required.

Common mistake that is made often is that the video is published, however contact details is not shared in the video. Make sure that the building information are shared in the video itself, and likewise share those information in the description for the property virtual tour.